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  • The merchants available at epay Gift Station are subject to change. We make no guarantee that the merchants will remain the same or that a particular merchant will be available at all times. See the complete list of current merchants at www.giftstation.co.nz
  • Your use of any gift card purchased from epay Gift Station is subject to the limitations and terms and conditions of the merchant whose gift card you have purchased. epay Gift Station is not responsible for any restrictions or terms and conditions of any merchant's gift card.
  • epay Gift Station is not responsible for merchants that are no longer in business or that change their location(s). Any merchant locations listed at this site are listed as a guide only and epay Gift Station does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
  • epay Gift Station does not assume responsibility or liability for the actions, product, or content of any merchant.



  • epay Gift Station does not send to international addresses.
  • All orders are sent via courier to a physical New Zealand address only, no PO Box's permitted.
  • All orders are subject to a verification process, and any information submitted that does not verify with a customer's financial institutions may cause delays.
  • epay Gift Station is not responsible for orders that are not received due to the customer inputting incorrect or incomplete delivery information.
  • epay Gift Station gift cards will not be exchanged and are not subject to returns for credit or refunds.


Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

  • epay Gift Station will not replace a gift card that is lost or stolen after being received.
  • If an order has not arrived at the customer's delivery location within 13 days of the date it is sent, epay Gift Station may cancel and replace such order, provided the holder submits to epay Gift Station a properly completed Affidavit of Lost Card within 60 days of the date it is sent. Upon receipt of such affidavit and provided a balance remains on the gift card(s) from such order, epay Gift Station will initiate a review process. The gift card may or may not be replaced, depending upon the outcome of such review. epay Gift Station will not replace any lost or stolen gift cards if the Affidavit of Lost Card is not received within the 60-day period. To initiate the investigation, you should use our Contact Us page on thios website.


Validity and Expiration

  • All gift cards have a period of validity. The expiration date of the value on a gift card is calculated from the date of purchase or last recharge. Any balance that remains on the card after expiry will not be available for use. The expiration term varies by merchant and is set out in the Card Conditions' section for each merchant's gift card on this site.
  • Most gift card balances can be checked online at www.giftstation.co.nz


Terms posted online on 24 April 2013.



‘Easter Txt 2 Win $1500 Worth of Gift Cards’ Promotion March/ April 2017 Terms & Conditions

The Period

This promotion is open to any person to enter once only. Duplicate entries will not be recognized. The promotion period is from April 1st 2016 – April 30th 2017 for ‘freight free’ single use promo code at www.giftstation.co.nz Entries for the ‘how many eggs in the basket’ close on Tuesday April 18th, 2017.

Prize Draw

The prize draw will take place on 19th April 2017 and nominated mobile phone number supplied by all entrants will notify winner. Winner has one month to claim their prize by reply email to epay NZ Ltd with their name and delivery details to a New Zealand postal address. No PO Boxes allowed. If prize is not claimed within one month prize becomes null and a new winner will drawn from valid entries.

The Prize

A wining entry must correctly state the correct number of eggs in the basket. One winner will win one $500 Westfield gift card, one $500 Mobil gift card, one $500 Prezzy Card. All successful entries will be sent a confirmation txt containing a single use only, promo code that enables free delivery to one New Zealand location for a single delivery address. This is redeemed by completing a successful purchase on www.giftstation.co.nz and entering the promo code to redeem a single free freight amount. Multiple delivery locations will incur normal delivery charges minus the value of a single freight free promo code. The freight free promo codes are single use only. The freight free promo codes will expire on April 30th 2017.

How To Enter

Guess how many eggs are in the Genies Easter basket and go in the draw to win a $1500 gift card Easter hamper. TXT ‘GIFTSTATION’, your full name a your guess to 4899 and you will be automatically entered to be in to win. General Information epay’s decision is final in all matters and no correspondence will be entered in to. The prize is not redeemable for cash. Acceptance of the prize is deemed as consent for the promoter to use winner’s details for promotional and media purposes without compensation and copyright will be vested in the promoter. Stores/brands listed (including Kiwibank Limited, as the issuer of Prezzy card) are not liable for any prizes that go missing in the post, and stores/brands listed may amend the terms or terminate the promotion at any time." Standard epay Giftstation purchasing terms and conditions apply. See these at www.giftstation.co.nz Terms and conditions apply to the use of Prezzy cards and can be found at https://www.prezzycard.co.nz/terms-conditions/

Terms & Conditions

Standard epay Giftstation purchasing terms and conditions apply. See these at www.giftstation.co.nz


Prezzy card is issued by Kiwibank Limited

Effective 9 May 2013. By purchasing or using the card, you agree to these terms and conditions (“Terms”), and the card fees (“Fees”) set out at www.prezzycard.co.nz (“Website”). Our customer services numbers are: 0800 450 509 (NZ) or if you are overseas call us on +64 4 803 1640. IMPORTANT NOTICE: As from 9 May 2013 Prezzy card is issued by Kiwibank Limited. If you have a card that states that it is issued by Kiwibank Limited, then these Terms form a contract between you and Kiwibank Limited. If you have a card that states that it is issued by New Zealand Post Limited, then as from 9 May 2013: (1) New Zealand Post Limited assigns all its rights and obligations under the terms and conditions for your Prezzy card to Kiwibank Limited, and Kiwibank Limited assumes those rights and obligations; and (2) provided it hasn’t expired or been cancelled, your card is still valid for use, but these Terms replace all previous terms and conditions applying to your card, and form a contract between you and Kiwibank Limited.

Key to know:

Prezzy card is issued by Kiwibank Limited.

  1. Expiry: Your card can’t be used after the expiry date printed on the front of the card. Unused value remaining on expiry will automatically be forfeited.
  2. Registration: Registering your card gives you access to two key benefits of the Visa platform: you can dispute unauthorised transactions, and if you report the card lost or stolen, we can cancel it and provide you a replacement carrying over any unused value (minus fees). We can’t do this if you don’t register your card.
  3. Fees: Fees apply for currency conversion, using the customer service line, disputing a transaction, online ordering and replacement cards. These are deducted from unused value on the card. See the Website for details.
  4. Stored value: The card is prepaid and non-reloadable. Similar to a gift voucher, you are pre-paying for the right to purchase goods and services up to the value available on the card, from selected merchants who accept Visa transactions electronically. You cannot withdraw cash, or redeem the card for cash, or get money back if the card is lost or stolen. You can give the card as a gift, but must not re-sell it.
  5. Updates to terms/fees: We can update the Terms and Fees by posting the changes to the Website. Changes take effect automatically 14 days after posting, except that the period is 90 days for any change to these Terms that materially increases your liability to us, or has a material adverse impact on your ability to access and spend the unused value on the card, except where our reason for making the change is to enable us to comply with law. Our changes to the Terms and Fees will never be applied retrospectively.
  6. Limits on card use: The card doesn’t work in manual card imprinters or ATMs, and can’t be used for taxis, automated fuel dispensers or gambling, or where a merchant requires identity verification against the card details. The card also can’t be used at any merchant who requires you to set up direct debits, recurring payments or payment instalments on the card. Other:
  7. No Interest: There is no interest payable to you on value loaded onto the card.
  8. Who owns the card: The card remains our property. You can use the card in accordance with these Terms, or give your card to another person to use in accordance with these Terms.
  9. Sign your card: The card user must sign the card immediately, with their usual signature, in the space provided on the back of the card. You must not use your card before you have signed it.
  10. Exceeding the value on the card: The way that certain merchants charge or process payments can sometimes result in a charge on the card which exceeds the unused value, without the card declining. Common examples are hotels, motels and car rental agencies. You can guard against this by checking your available value regularly, and confirming with merchants (before you authorise a transaction) what they can charge on the card. You must not authorise or allow any transaction on the card where you know, or have reasonable grounds to expect, that it will exceed the unused value on the card.
  11. Foreign currency transactions: If you use your card for foreign currency transactions, the purchase amount will be converted into New Zealand dollars at a rate of exchange determined by Visa on the date it sends the purchase details to us and that sum will be deducted from the available unused value on the card.
  12. Your responsibility for transactions on your card: You are responsible for the use and safety of your card. You must not give your card or card details to anyone or let anyone else use your card (including family members, the police or our staff), unless your intention is that they will become the rightful holder of the card. You must not leave your card in an unattended purse or vehicle or anywhere another person could remove your card without being noticed.
  13. Lost or stolen card: You must notify us immediately if your card has been lost or stolen by calling the customer service number. This also applies if the details on your card (such as card number and expiry date) have or might have been disclosed to an unauthorised party. If your card is lost or stolen before you have registered it, we will not be able to stop, cancel or replace the stolen card, because we will not be able to identify it as your card. Prezzy card Terms and Conditions