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Feejoa is a loyalty progranme that pays off student loans when you purchase gift cards on this website. You've got to be a registered Feejoa member (costs nothing to join). If you have a New Zealand student loan you can register for Feejoa. PLUS have your family and friends register and direct their rewards to your student loan account to help pay off that debt.

Earn 2% of your transaction at www.giftstation.co.nz toward a student loan if you are a Feejoa member!

Register at Feejoa here www.feejoa.co.nz

Make sure you use one of your payments cards registered on Feejoa when making your purchase on www.giftstation.co.nz as that is how the reward is recorded.

Rewards on existing spending.

Feejoa aggregates and dollarises into real dosh the cumulative value of rewards on existing spending at merchants with the Feejoa loyalty programme. Plus you get to see those payments in real time.

Build your tribe.

Crowd fund contributions towards paying off your student loan by recruiting Benefactors. You can sign up as many Benefactors as you like and their collective dollarised rewards are going directly towards paying off your IRD student loan.


Ready to start paying off student loans? Sign up to Feejoa and invite your family and friends too. The bigger your tribe, the faster you'll pay off that student loan. www.feejoa.co.nz

*terms and conditions apply. See www.feejoa.co.nz