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In a fantasy realm of magic and adventure, battle gods, slay dragons, and defeat mythical creatures as you advance through story-driven quests, master skills and make new friends.

These cards can be used for RuneScape membership / game credit.
Using this prepaid RuneScape card means that you accept these terms. You can only redeem this card through the website located at (website). To use this card you must be a resident of NZ. If you are under 13 and subscribe to the members version of RuneScape, you must have your parents consent to use Jagex products in accordance with Jagex's terms and conditions and privacy policy available in the website. Jagex may disable your account if it becomes aware that you do not have your parents consent. This card expires and may not be used after 12 months from the date on which the card is activated (i.e. purchased). The card allows you to purchase membership and/or in-game content for Runescape to the value shown on the front of the card, starting from the date the PIN code is redeemed, subject to network and server availability. The value of the membership and in-game content for Runescape may change over time. Current prices for membership and in-game content are available on the website. The card is valid only as long as Jagex continues to offer Runescape. To use this card, you will be required to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy available on the website, and all use this card and Runescape subject to these terms. The full value of this card is deducted when you redeem the PIN code. Do not scratch off the hidden PIN code until prompted to do so online. Do not buy this card if the PIN code is already scratched off. You are responsible for loss or unauthorised use of this card. Keep it secure and do not share the PIN with anyone. The value of this card cannot be redeemed for cash and will not be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. The cards are not for resale. Expect to the extent required by law, Jagex is not responsible for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of lost or stolen cards, or unauthorised use of cards. You will require access to play Runescape. You are responsible for your own telecommunication charges. Your computer must meet certain minimum system requirements to play Runescape and these requirements might change. The requirements are specified in the Customer Support section of the website. To ensure the safety and security of members on the website, if a member does not comply with Jagex's terms of use, Jagex reserves the right to terminate their Runescape user account without notice and to refuse to process cards that it believes may have been fraudulently obtained or used.These terms of use do not affect your statutory rights. If any of these terms are invalid or enforceable, the other terms will not be affected. For card status, please visit the website. Issued by Jagex Ltd.