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Help at Giftstation

What are gift cards
Gift Station gift cards are electronic plastic cards, basically the modern version of a gift voucher. They're the same shape and size as an Eftpos card and, just like your Eftpos card, they have a magnetic strip on the back that is read by an Eftpos terminal.

How do Gift Station gift cards work?
You choose a gift from this web site or from Gift Station stand in store, choose the value you want to put on it, then pay for it at the checkout and the value you've chosen is loaded on to the card via an epay Eftpos terminal. As soon as the card is loaded, the person you give it to can use it to pay for goods.

Where can Gift Station gift cards be redeemed?
Just like gift vouchers, gift cards can be redeemed in the stores they belong to, for example a Farmers d gift card can be redeemed at any Farmers store. On the back of each card (as well as on this site), you'll find information about where you can redeem your card as well as any special conditions that may apply.

How do I use a Gift Station gift card?
Take it to your nearest outlet and use it to pay for whatever you like! The card gets swiped through an Eftpos terminal, you select credit then enter in the 4 digit PIN that is behind the silver scratch panel. This then checks the balance and takes the amount you've spent off the card. You can use it all up or save some until later. With an electronic gift card, you don't get any change - your card remembers the balance. You can check the balance here and of course in store when you're using the card.

Where do I find the Gift Station?
At Woolworths, New World, Pak 'n Save and 4 Square supermarkets, BP, Z energy, Mobil, Caltex, Paper Plus, Take Note, Life Pharmacy, Liquorland and Civic Video stores. There's an outlet near you and of course, you're likely to be shopping at one of those stores already! And if you prefer to shop from home, you can buy our full range online right here.

Do Gift Station gift cards expire?
Yes, gift cards have an expiry date. Check the back of each gift card, or the conditions for each card on this site. The card will expire the stated number of months from the time it's first purchased.

How can I check the balance on my gift card?
Online balance check to find out the current balance on your gift card as well as its expiry date. The balance will also print on your receipt, whenever you use your card to pay for goods. Balance check is not available on all products, for those products check the back of the card or the product conditions on this site for alternative methods.

How can I find out when my card expires?
Online balance check will also show your card's expiry date. For cards not able to be checked on this site, please see the back of the card, or the product conditions on this site for alternative methods.

Buying gift cards online

When can I expect my gift card to be delivered?
Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery. Delivery to a rural delivery address may take longer than standard delivery times. We'll email you when your order is sent so you'll know when to expect it.

I live overseas, can I buy a gift card and have it delivered to someone in New Zealand?
Yes; you can buy online and pay by credit card and we'll deliver your gift cards anywhere in New Zealand for you.

I want to buy several gift cards for the same person, do I have to complete the recipient information for each card?
We've made it easy to buy several cards for the same person. Complete the recipient information once and you're given the option to deliver subsequent gift cards to the same address or to a different one.

Who can I contact about my order?
For all enquiries relating to Gift Station orders, please email [email protected]. For enquiries relating to Gift Station Corporate or B2B customers, both new and existing accounts, please email [email protected]

Issuers and retailers

I am a Retailer and need help, who can I contact at epay?
For enquiries relating to Epay/Ezipay retailer accounts, please email [email protected]

retailers wanting to order card stock, please email [email protected]

I bought a card in-store and need help
For enquiries relating to a gift card purchased through an epay retailer, please email [email protected]