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LetsPlay.Live Platform Premium Pass

The competitive gaming gift card! An LPL Premium Pass gives access to all of LPL’s latest competitive gaming tournaments. Test your gaming skills across many different FPS, moba, sim-racing, and sports titles on PC and console. Play for bragging rights, as well as cash prize pools! With 3 core LPL seasons each year, the competition is always improving – are you? Find more information at letsplay.live/about and redeem your code at letsplay.live/giftcard/.

$15 = 2 months
$45 = 4 months
$75 = 6 months
Card value expires 12 months after card purchase date. Activate card at letsplay.live/giftcard. May only be redeemed for consecutive premium membership time on letsplay.live. Cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded or exchanged. This card and purchases made with it are subject to the terms set out at letsplay.live/terms. Protect this card; it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Any unused credit cannot be used and will not be refunded once the card has expired.
1. Head to letsplay.live/giftcard/
2. Fill out the form and enter your 11 digit code
3. Once you hit ‘create account’ your LPL account will be created with your premium time ready to go!