DISCLAIMER: Due to a technical issue, Prezzy cards cannot currently be redeemed on the Woolworths NZ website. We are working with Woolworths to resolve this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, should you find your Prezzy card blocked as a result of being used on the Woolworths website, please contact our customer service team on 09 888 6792 for assistance. Prezzy cards can still be used in-store at any Woolworths NZ store. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Paper Plus

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Locally Loved since 1983, with almost 90 stores throughout New Zealand, Paper Plus is New Zealand’s largest locally owned and operated book and stationery retailer, proudly part of towns, cities, and communities throughout the country.

Offering the latest selection of books, essential stationery, toys and games as well as magazines and greeting cards Paper Plus has something for everyone.

Giftstation/ePay gift cards are redeemable in-store only. See www.paperplus.co.nz for store locations.  Load $20 - $1000. Check your card balance at www.giftstation.co.nz 

Giftstation/ePay Paper Plus gift cards are redeemable in-store only. Paper Plus giftcards cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a refund, exchanged or used to purchase other products. Unused balances are not refundable or transferable. Paper Plus is not responsible for lost or stolen giftcards. Risk of loss or theft and title for giftcards passes to the purchaser on transfer. This and purchases made with it are subject to the terms of trade as set by Paper Plus, which may change from time to time. This card cannot be used to purchase prepaid postal items, Lottery Commission products or agency products or services. Card value expires 12 months after purchase or last recharge. The maximum charge/recharge value is $1000.