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Note: Pick up from Mt. Wellington, Auckland.

Z Energy gift cards are just what you think they'll be – pre-paid cards that can be used to buy lots of things (including petrol) at any participating Z service station.

Credit Card payment surcharge fees apply for this product.

They’re available online here in handy denominations. Each card is valid for 24 months from the date it’s bought.

Check your balance here...www.z.co.nz

You can keep using your gift card until the balance is used up or it expires – whichever comes first. And you can check your balance online to see how much is left for you to spend.

This card is just like cash. If it's stolen or lost we won't be able to give you another one.

Once it's activated, you can use it to buy things at any participating Z service station. We can't swap it for cash or credit to an account. We'll tell you how much credit you have left every time you use it. We can't give you change when you use it. and when this card expires, any credit left on it can't be redeemed, transferred or refunded.

You've got 24 months to use this card from the date it was bought.

Visit z.co.nz for store locations and to check your balance.